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9 0  D A Y  W E I G H T  L O S S  C H A L L E N G E

  • Start : 2/23
  • 2nd Weigh-In : 3/11
  • 3rd Weigh-In : 3/23
  • 4th Weigh-In : 4/6
  • 5th Weigh-In : 4/20
  • 6th Weigh-In : 5/4
  • Final Weigh-In : 5/23 (Live?)
Chaez Boswell, educator, mentor, promoter, manager, consultant and so much more; but most of all a man who wants to focus time on getting healthy! Mr. Boswell has had over 17 years of experience in non-profit program development, training and consulting. 13 years of experience in entertainment and event promotions. Over two years of involvement in artist management and support. And an amazing help within the Sacramento community and to indie artist within the music industry.
This is a weight loss campaign to support and help fund the indie movement within Indie Things Possible (ITP), non-profit organization! Indie Things Possible’s mission is to assist aspiring independent artist and musicians as they pursue a career in the entertainment industry. ITP’s programs and services bring together the key elements of industry education, general business development principles, and access to professional consultants and other contacts. ITP has been able to host Northern California’s first two day independent music experience in September 2014, various concerts and music events in local Sacramento venues, and now a SXSW field trip coming this March 2015!
Chaez has started on his birthday, February 23rd, 2015 and will continue this 90-day campaign until, May 23rd, 2015.

Ends in:
This unique and challenging movement is not only to benefit Chaez’s health but to also support and fund the non-profit organization, Indie Things Possible! Why not get healthy and support a great cause at the same time!?
This campaign is taking place in Sacramento, CA! Chaez’s progress on his journey to healthy living and weight loss, is being tracked on www.indiethingspossible.com/ITPXME as well as Instagram and Facebook (social media links can be found on the website)!
Want to support Chaez in his journey, you can Pledge Per Pound!! When you sign up on our website, a lock yourself and pledge what $$ amount you want to donate per pound. Your contact information and pledge amount will be saved until the end of the campaign, Sunday, May 23rd. You will have 30 days to commit towards your pledge at the end of this ITP campaign experience, which closes on Tuesday, June 23rd at 11:59 p.m.!

Who do I contact for questions?
You can reach an ITP team member at, contact@indiethingspossible.com to help you out in any questions in this campaign to greatness!
Believe that IndieThing'sPossible, Pledge your support to Chaez and ITP!
PLEDGE AMOUNT     $      @  30LBS (GOAL TO LOSE) =     

Total Est. Pledge:  


At the end of the challenge, your pledge amount goes to EACH pound lost.
(Ex. Chaez lost 25lbs, you pledged $1.00, so your total pledge is $25.)

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Fitness isn’t about just lifting weights and bulking up. It is more about education and finding the right balance between nutrition and proper movement to meet your fitness needs.

"Helping my clients achieve goals in their Sacramento-area homes or
in my own Midtown-Sacramento Studio is my primary personal goal."
For more than 16 years Tona Rose, owner and personal trainer of One to One Fitness, has studied health, nutrition, and beneficial weight loss techniques to make fitness a regular – and welcome – part of people’s lives. Through her work, she has developed programs for men, women, and athletes to help them achieve the essential balance between mind and body and help them to stay committed to their personal success.

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